Monday, June 29, 2009

A BlogRoll Update...... something I should really do more often, like writing new posts, much more often. BUT, my TV has been forcing me to watch a lot of movies lately to free up some DVR space, so.....I turned to the ever willing staff of Spellcheck Kitties who are only too happy to eagerly respond to my every whim. This is how it went, mostly, sort of, I think....
For some strange reason I can't seem to be able to get to sleep. Oh well, BlogRoll's updated anyway. If anyone got omitted let me know. Until next time, take care and stay safe.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Neat Baseball Bat Trick

This isn't a post I'd planned, but it's so neat I couldn't help myself. Many of you have likely seen it by now. It also reminded me of trying to do much the same one summer, resulting in a broken nose and two chipped teeth. I wasn't sure which would have been worse, having the injuries myself and paying for it, or the pain being suffered by a pal, which is what actually happened. I not only got to foot the bill(s), I got to feel the ire of the coach (who had warned me twice previously about it), my Uncle to who I had to repay the bills incurred, the fury of Durwood's parents, or perhaps being tagged with the name 'Strikeout' for the last couple years of school. My pal held no grudge though as he got out of summer school due to 'inability to concentrate as a result of injuries'. Funny thing was, didn't slow him down one iota in the swimming, ballplaying, and other areas. It even made him into a hit with a lot of the girls who 'eased his suffering' so to speak. Until next time, take care and swing the bats carefully.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

End Of The Saga & Beginning A New Life...

Finally the day comes when an empty nest is all that remains. The parents are gone and the chick isn't found until after some careful searching.

And then the little flyer is located.

The little addition to the neighborhood seems fine.

And apparently flight ability is part of the package Even seems that a bit of being an exhibitionist is ingrained too.And from here on, 'the sky's the limit'.

Sorry about that last little bit, just couldn't help myself. And so, until next we meet, be well & take care.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

More 'Dove Story'....

Today's post is a video grouping that shows the Dove's progress from near the beginning to the early days of the chicks. While one parent is very accepting of the human intruders....... .......the other is far less trusting!! Finally we get a chance to get a better look at the youngsters. Sadly, Mother Nature has a rather decisive way of ensuring the 'survival of the fittest.' In the case of many bird species the first hatched chick gets all the food. The larger chick had a good two day head start on the smaller one, an almost insurmountable difference in size and strength when competing for food. As Linda puts it, perhaps the second chick is a 'spare' in the event the first one dies. Either way, since Doves of this type mate for life as a rule, if each pair produced two surviving offspring every year, the population would soon exceed the area's ability to feed them all. Nature uses the 'survival of the fittest' method to control the population. Crude, but extremely effective. Before too long, the smaller chick succumbs to hunger and general weakness as the larger steadily gains strength. In a day or two, after sorting through the remaining images and videos, I'll post the final chapter of this saga of the diminutive but hardy feathered family. Until then, be well and take care.