Saturday, March 28, 2009

I'm Not An Art Critic, But......

......I do like some things. Never sure what's good or bad, so I tend to go with what I enjoy. I will go so far as to say that most 'abstract' creations are beyond my comprehension, although the melting watches is kinda neat. Anyway, having spent a good part of this winter looking at various paintings, photos, etc I seem to have narrowed my taste down to one word: 'Strange'. As evidence here is a jumble of stuff I like in no particular order, although, the first is a $3 thing that I got years ago at a garage sale that just appealed to me. It's on our living room wall, much to the dismay of Mrs Mike, who is far less fond of it. I can just look at it for a long time & it seems to draw me into the scene. Not even sure if it's a painting, print, or whatever. Does have a name on it & seems to have a backing of wallpaper or something of the like. I feel I've gotten my $3 worth out of it many times over. Anyway, here's Mike's hodge-podge of favorite images, some actually ARE famous, so I'm told or I read somewhere.
Mike's $3 Garage Sale Refugee
$3 Refugee as seen from Mike's recliner
Edvard Munch - The Scream
Japanese Fishing Village (unknown)
Times Square Looking South (A. Anderson)
Gauguin (don't know title) Claude Monet - Water Lily Pool

Santa's Summer Job - B. Foge

Maine (Kolb)

Taxi Hunter (A. Anderson)

Entrance to the Village of Voisin - Pissarro

Rowboat at Dock in Maine (A. Anderson)

Landscape With Figures - Gainsborough

The Hermaitage at Pontoise - Pissarro

Garden in Springtime in Eragny - Pissarro A Little 'BEERY' Poster Art for my Great Friend R.C.

And Lastly....My FAVORITE of ALL....Christina's World by A. Wyeth

And that's a fair sampling of what I like. Perhaps I'll try this again with photos as it turned out to be kinda fun. Until next time, take care.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

There Oughta Be A Law (REPEALED!!!!)

I really don't want to appear whiny and overwrought about such a simple matter,
Since being temporarily visually 'challenged' for the last little while awaiting corrective eye surgery that's been too often delayed, AND a lover & collector of clocks of all sorts, it makes me want to.... least twice a year these days having to adjust them(OKAY!! SOME of them) to reflect the correct(?) time due to what I feel is an outdated and much hated lack of leadership in repealing the laws outlining this fiasco!! WHO CARES one way or the other? Just pick a time, set the damned things, and leave us all the H*ll ALONE!!
Are any of you clowns in D.C. paying attention? HAH! AS IF!! Not without money changing hands!! Until next we meet, take care. I now return ME to my regular winter programming.