Sunday, October 31, 2010

Reflecting on the Year Gone By

                                                    T. Remington photo
  Well Folks, it seems I've survived another year aboard the Big Blue Marble we call Earth. The photo above was taken near our home and the chair overlooks the area in general facing west toward New Hampshire. The views in the area all seem to call out demanding to be photographed, although the views will outlast most images of them.
  The year has been interesting. Lost a good friend in the opening days with the passing of 'Brother Tim' O'Donnell, and surprisingly few after that, a condition I hope lasts until at least year's end. Illness seemed to be a constant companion this year, although we've survived them all so far in fairly good shape. At least we're more or less intact.
   Last winter was mild, so this will likely be wild, at least that's what my Uncle 'R' used to tell me growing up on the farm. If the old place wasn't gone back to forest and a few new homes & cottages, we'd be laying in winter food in the pantries & ice cellar. Hunting season meant cows & horses sporting white paint if they were brown or tan, nice hand painted signs on their sides identifying them as cow, horse, mule, etc for the enlightenment of the city hunters from 'away' who shot whatever moved at times. Time to roll out the snow fences and pack the hay in the barns neatly for easy access. Other repairs as needed. Much easier these days, having far less winterizing to do. Still, always plenty needed to allow us to co-exist with Nature here.
  I'm really hoping the next year sees much less rancor and far more progress in many areas. Politics, GLBT issues, racial tolerance & acceptance of ALL beings we share the Marble with. If they dropped all cable 'News & Commentary' and brought back more newspapers and news magazines I'd be happier. Even if the 'Net' stays as it is. A bit too outrageous to expect, up there with the 'Great Pumpkin'.
   Made a few new friends & lost very few old ones, got a new-old vehicle, a 'power chair' so I can function more effectively about the house. Lost one more of our furry family members to old age. She was one of the two we first took in in 1993 and we lost her sister in spring the previous year. Down to three, the eldest being almost fifteen years old.
    Well, as seems to me, it was a pretty good, pretty peaceful year all things considered. If the folks at Yahoo ever get my main address for e-mail to reappear it'll be a slight improvement to a good year. I also found a new friend via the 'Blogosphere' at  who wrote this little poem that struck me as very nice.
Something Old

My mind on what is to come
Visions of the seasons i'm leaving
All the hard work that i've done
All that's ahead is dreaming

As I recall people and memories
The want and need to get away
Now free to float on any breeze
Somehow I choose to stay 
    Until next we meet, stay safe, stay well, hug all you can, and love as much as possible, and live as large as you can.