Sunday, April 26, 2009

Vending Machine Mania

As many of you know, my life for some time now has involved more of the visual and audio input rather than written. A little blurb on TV recently about a new pizza vending machine got me thinking once again of a subject that has always fascinated me: the vast variety of these devices around the world, their local adaptations to fit specific set of needs, and the remarkably ingenuity sometimes involved.
I've seen them vending everything from firewood to cook with to eggs to used underwear(don't even ask, just know there's some rather strange people out there). The largest number of varieties of these units is found in Japan, probably to satisfy the urge for 24/7 availability of certain things, a monetary system largely involving coins, and the craving for more and more complex gadgets found throughout most of the population. So, for your entertainment(?) a brief clip on these things. At the end he gives a couple sites with more info that I couldn't quite read so, in the event you're for some reason as intrigued as I, check them out. Until next time, take care.