Sunday, October 25, 2009

Reflecting on the Year Gone By

Well, its time once again to look back over the past twelve months and take stock of life. As always, some people are sharing the earth with us that weren't here last fall; some who were here are no longer with us; and all in all, the year has been full of the usual ups and downs. We've had good health, some health scares, some things are a bit worse for wear, and some things have even been repaired by the great folks in the medical professions. Still some to be repaired, but gradually gaining some ground back that we lost along the way. We've one less kitty with us than last fall, Bandit, one of our two oldest, weakened and failed last spring. She was going on seventeen, fairly blind, lame, and just plain tired. She'd rallied twice before, but each time left her weaker until she didn't do much except lay quietly until one morning she was gone. She's joined the other kitties and one dog in the little pet cemetery by the woods in the back yard. The spring also saw Shirley's sister take a turn for the worse and she got too unpredictable and violent for our safety and was moved to a secure location by the state. In her present mental state she has removed herself from family ties completely So, all in all, I've reached the same conclusion I reach most every year: Life is good, the world is full of beauty and peace if we seek it out, and many things are still possible for us to do. There'll be folks needing help, some to comfort, some to mourn for, some to welcome, and through it all runs the common thread that joins all beings and nature. We'll look forward to the challenges and joys as we always do, and revel in the joy of a young life discovering this magical planet that will be theirs to care for and pass on in their time. Once more, the Old Indian's scoring system indicates that once again, more good than bad has befallen the earth and its inhabitants. So, as I try to do each day I've been allowed to enjoy, I'll look forward to the coming months with bated breath. The following photos were sent to me by my good friends the Allens who got them from a web cam. To me, they perfectly express the way I feel each dawn: it's a beautiful gift, this earth, and even though each day dawns a bit cloaked in mystery, the trend is generally in the direction of clearing skies and bright vistas upon which to gaze.
Until next time, take care, stay safe, and be well


Kay said...
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Kay said...

The photos you selected are very spiritual, peaceful and optimistic despite the challenges you and Shirley encountered this past year. I will take a lesson from you and just enjoy what we are truly blessed with.

Sorry I goofed up my previous comment. I had to make a correction. I really have to remember to check what I write before I press that button. So many times my fingers seem to have a mind of their own and will type words my brain didn't tell it to.

Yaya' s Changing World said...

The pictures are enough to take my breath away. Thanks for posting them. Love the post. ~ Yaya

George said...

This year, as every year, presented each of us with our own set of trials & solutions, some good, some bad, none easy.
Thanks for putting up the pictures from the Web Cams. They are from Two Medicine in Glacier National Park & one of my favorite areas of the park. I check the cams there at daylight & dusk when ever I can & it is always great & sometimes spectacular. I can see why the early Indians & Mountain Men considered the area "the backbone of the world" & often used it in vision quests.. When we last visited, we saw a Blackfoot Medicine Man doing a blessing from the top of Logan Pass. He & his family were in traditional headdresses & costume.

R. C. said...

The Backbone of the World? I think I was there and had a Vision Quest!...No wait, that was a Vodka shot...BUT, after about a couple bottles I did have a vision, a little blurry though...:o)

Brother Tim said...

I'm glad y'all's health is on the upswing. So sorry to hear about Miss Shirley's sis. As always, my friend, you and your's remain in our prayers.

Peace and Grace.