Saturday, June 04, 2011

What The F.......

   Ahhhhhh. After too much time away, finally able to get blogging in earnest again, or probably for the first time. I've been trying for some time to get back to it, but the old grey cells have failed to find the writing rhythm needed. Tonight, the Blogging Muses took a bit of pity on me and at the same time reminded me of the signs often seen in non-English speaking countries. the fun ones to look for are the ones we called 'Minglish' or 'Booklish'. 
   Minglish is English mingled with the local lingo usually spelled phonetically. Booklish is when a non-English speaker looks up translated phrases or words to say the same thing as in their own language. Often you can get the drift of the sign, but generally it's still funny. It seems the practice has progressed through being used when writing assembly instructions and safety labels to the present incarnation, SPAM!!
   The following was posted to this blog today and is just too screwy to keep to myself. Normally I just go to the 'moderate' page and mark them as SPAM. I just wonder how long the writer spent on literally translating the thing, word by word. I almost called the number it gives just to find out how the phone would be answered, but stopped when I realized they might put my number in their call computer and dial it every day. Arrrrrgggghhhh! HELL NO!! At any rate, here it is, I hope you have a chuckle trying to figure it out.
   Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "April Fool's Day Theories (some anyway)": 

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Gotta admit, the person was ambitious and also offered a way for me to start writing anew, although that wasn't their intention. Until next we meet, stay safe and take care.