Friday, July 16, 2010

'Herbie' the Yarmouth Elm (Maine)

Some old trees don't disappear, they get transformed.

Yarmouth was home to New England’s largest American Elm tree – affectionately known since the 1950s as “Herbie” – that used to reign over the corner of Yankee Drive and East Main Street. Like so many American Elms, Herbie finally succumbing to Dutch Elm Disease, an introduced fungus that is spread by bark beetles. After decades of diligent effort by Yarmouth’s volunteer Tree Wardens Frank Knight and Debbie Hopkins and 217 years of life, Herbie was removed in January of 2010. Yarmouth has lost nearly 800 American Elms to this disease in the past fifty years, although none as grand as Herbie. In honor of Herbie’s legacy, the Town of Yarmouth seeks to replace this majestic tree and others lost in previous years with new, disease-resistant elms and other types of trees. In order to do this, Yarmouth is creating a Tree Trust.
What is a Tree Trust?

A Tree Trust is an investment in Yarmouth’s quality of place. The large, broad-leaved trees lining the streets of Yarmouth need care and eventual replacement. The cost associated with these activities is considerable, but the benefits of street trees more than justify the expense.

The Town of Yarmouth is asking for donations from citizens, businesses and friends of Herbie to help fund Herbie’s removal and replacement but especially to create a Yarmouth Tree Trust. Your contribution will ensure our town will remain green and beautiful for our children and grandchildren’s future.

If you're interested in 'Herbie' products, please click here to visit project site home page.

Below is a video clip from the 'Herbie' site. To see more click here

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Sandy's Notes said...

Oh my I love your new design. Love it, love it. What a sweet idea about the Tree Trust too. Darned Elm's Disease!

Lua said...

I name some of my favorite trees as well… :)
Thank you for sharing Herbie’s story with us Mike and that is a genius idea about the Tree Trust. I hope it’ll help save more trees for the future generations.

SandyCarlson said...

I love the Tree Trust. Thank you. Wow.

Beekeepers Apprentice said...

Mike, there is a book by Richard Preston called "Panic in Level 4" (just put that in Amazon, take you right to it). One of the essays has to do with, I believe, Elm disease...interesting reading, I highly recommend it.

Kay said...

I think I heard about this tree on TV or maybe it was another tree. The Tree Trust sounds like a terrific idea. Dutch Elm disease was a real scourge in Illinois, too.