Saturday, March 28, 2009

I'm Not An Art Critic, But......

......I do like some things. Never sure what's good or bad, so I tend to go with what I enjoy. I will go so far as to say that most 'abstract' creations are beyond my comprehension, although the melting watches is kinda neat. Anyway, having spent a good part of this winter looking at various paintings, photos, etc I seem to have narrowed my taste down to one word: 'Strange'. As evidence here is a jumble of stuff I like in no particular order, although, the first is a $3 thing that I got years ago at a garage sale that just appealed to me. It's on our living room wall, much to the dismay of Mrs Mike, who is far less fond of it. I can just look at it for a long time & it seems to draw me into the scene. Not even sure if it's a painting, print, or whatever. Does have a name on it & seems to have a backing of wallpaper or something of the like. I feel I've gotten my $3 worth out of it many times over. Anyway, here's Mike's hodge-podge of favorite images, some actually ARE famous, so I'm told or I read somewhere.
Mike's $3 Garage Sale Refugee
$3 Refugee as seen from Mike's recliner
Edvard Munch - The Scream
Japanese Fishing Village (unknown)
Times Square Looking South (A. Anderson)
Gauguin (don't know title) Claude Monet - Water Lily Pool

Santa's Summer Job - B. Foge

Maine (Kolb)

Taxi Hunter (A. Anderson)

Entrance to the Village of Voisin - Pissarro

Rowboat at Dock in Maine (A. Anderson)

Landscape With Figures - Gainsborough

The Hermaitage at Pontoise - Pissarro

Garden in Springtime in Eragny - Pissarro A Little 'BEERY' Poster Art for my Great Friend R.C.

And Lastly....My FAVORITE of ALL....Christina's World by A. Wyeth

And that's a fair sampling of what I like. Perhaps I'll try this again with photos as it turned out to be kinda fun. Until next time, take care.


deanna said...

I sure like this collection (well, to each his own with the beer ;o)). The first one draws me in, too. We have paintings around the house that Tim's grandma did. Her art won blue ribbons at the county fair. It's not much wonder our daughter has always been one who draws, paints, and designs.

Brother Tim said...

I'm a lot like you, Mike. My house is filled with 1, 2, and 3 dollar pieces of artwork that just caught my eye. I've even got a couple expensive $5 pieces. :)

an average patriot said...

Love pictures, good taste! The first one looks identical to one I have hanging in my sun room except the covered bridge is red. My Aunt painted it years ago and it appears to be the same size too. Anyway I guess you have your glasses, very good! Hey Brother!

Muhd Imran said...

These are exceptional paintings. My favourite is Maine (Kolb).

Very nice collection.

Mike S said...

Deanna- I'm fairly certain it was done by a local hobby painter. Ale & Single Malt Scotch are one of the few treats I'm allowed a little of these days, very little of. Sorta like hot dogs, Hot Italian Sausage, clams, etc;)

Tim/AvPat- I find the amatuer offerings to be best in many cases Much over $3 would cause Chez Indian to become an overvalued property with higher taxes:)

Muhd- That's VERY typical of many of the homes here. Very rural, simple, and functional. THey also provide pleasing surroundings;)

Kay said...

Hmmmm... you and I have very similar taste in art. I'm not too much into the Scream but I do love impressionism. I think your $3.00work of art is just lovely and very peaceful. I've always loved Wyeth also.

On the 2nd thought... the Scream would fit my mood right now as we try to make decisions on what bed and car we should buy. Arrrghhh!

tshsmom said...

Sorry Mrs Mike, but I like the covered bridge "refugee".

My criteria for art requires that I'm able to tell which way to hang it. If you can't tell if it's upside-down, it ain't art! ;)

tweetey30 said...

These are beautiful. Thanks for sharing them Mike.. I had a few favorites while looking and now cant remember which order they were in.. LOL.. Take care.

R. C. said...

Mike, you really know how to bring a tear to my eye...Love the beery poster. I think the "Scream" was painted by one of T.C.'s dates. If you look close at the dark creepy figure in the background, I think it's him.

I'm drawn to your $3.00 art piece as well, but I will need to see it a little closer. I'll be over for dinner next Sunday...Hint: I love prime rib with all the fixins...I wouldn't turn down some of that ale or single malt scotch you have hidden out...It's the least you can do for a "GREAT" friend...

Mike S said...

Kay- Old Injun no longer buys new cars.

TSHSmom- It'll be our secret as she'd likely mail it to you.

Tweety- my trouble is narrowing down what I like in ANY subject to a few 'favorites'.

RC- the door's always open, the ale's cold, & the 18-year-old Special Reserve Scotch locked up. Come any time at all!!;)

Hahn at Home said...

Nice collection - and I know the last one is your favorite. Thanks for sharing these. I thought Santa's Summer Job was very Rockwell-esque and fits what I think of when I think of coastal Maine.

Melly/Melody/or Mel said...

The A. Anderson one is my favorite...although I love all of Wyeth's. I have his dog on the bed painting..well, a copy of it.

I like your 3buck print. I also like the Japanese fishing village. I'll have to send you two that I have which are similar.

Nice post Mike!

Midlife Mom said...

Interesting and eclectic mix of art. I have so many pictures of my grandkids hung around the house that I don't have much room for too much art. Do have a few pieces, nothing real valuable but I like them so I guess that's all that counts.
I like the Santa one and of course Christina's world. Lived in Rockland for some time while in boarding school and was very near Cushing where And*rew W. lived. Never saw him but had bragging rights as I drove by his house once! lol!

Cherie said...

The kids and I have studied art and art history in school all these years. This collection reminds me of the wonderful paintings, etchings, etc. we have been blessed to encounter. A favorite outpouring of those studies was a trip to a Dutch Artist Exhibit in Portland where our eyes beheld - and our bodies stood in the presence - of 'the greats'. Chills. Amazing.

Art is just soooo necessary!