Sunday, October 05, 2008

On Hiatus For a Bit Due To......

.... Mike having a little trouble with reading while
he awaits more eye operations.
Since he knows how much we worry
about his health, he has decided to
team with
some friends

in the meantime to concentrate more on his continuing quest to better the environment

by offering to sample the offerings of some
others in this growing movement to see if
their products measure up to standards.
Having noticed his keen interest in
the subject, another local entity

has also enlisted his help in the testing of a few of their fellow
competitor's products. Mike,
being the selfless environmentalist
he is, eagerly accepted the challenge.

While he's away we, the conscientious

staff that we are, will be continuing

our search for additional blogging

subjects to ensure an adequate supply

of material awaits his return. Until

then, be well & take care.

(ani erors n tiping or layout are Mike's as we all know kitties kan't tipe)


Muhd Imran said...

All the best with the eye operation and hoping you have a speedy recovery.

Take your time to recuperate. We'll be waiting for you here. No worries.

George said...

Best of luck with the surgery. You need those eyes to read the labels. You wouldn't want to drink Animal Beer would you? I like the looks of you local brewerys products. My favorite, Golden Grizzly still isn't sold in stores & no one local has it on tap. It's a 250 mile drive to get one. said...

Best of luck!!

The Guy Who Writes This said...

Good luck, Mike. I wish I could write this in a font size you could read.

deanna said...

Take care to rest and recover, Mike. Your crew seems to have everything under control. I'm sure you'll enjoy the research! I'm enjoying catching up on your blog after time away.

tweetey30 said...

Good luck with the operation. Hope things go smoothly. Take care and come back to us when it heals properly..

Patricia said...

Hope the eye operation goes well, Mike. Be patient, and do what the doctor tells you. See you back here soon.

Brother Tim said...

That does it!!!

I'm putting Roscoe on a Greyhound first thing in the mornin'. He knows how to type real good.;)

BTW-- Get well soon! You're in my prayers.

reeflightning said...

hiya mike, i'm a bit behind in my blog readings! hope all is well with your eyes. love the kitties!

tshsmom said...

Take care, and get better SOON!!
L spent the better part of the summer not being able to see well, but the end result was well worth the hassle.