Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Under Orders

Hi folks. I'll have a new story soon, this is the first time I've had to actually gather background material for a story. Now I've got to trim it down to digestible size so as not to bore anyone to tears. As for the title of this, seems certain parties have determined that I should give up a few of my pass-times as they tire me out to the point that I get 'not as well as I'd like' for a few days. Guess the fact these episodes have become more frequent and last longer has triggered some sort of 'bossy gene' in these certain parties. At any rate, I hope to have at least one post soon dealing with the subject of my favorite 'Maine' foods. Now you can see my dilemma, I love food, and there's just so many good things here that aren't readily available in all the places I've lived. Well, it's zero-dark-thirty now, and suddenly I'm hungry, so adieu for the time being. Now, what we got to munch on???


thewishfulwriter said...

um, i think i've actually been accused of having the "bossy gene."

*hangs head*

Hi Mike!!


Anonymous said...

Mike, I am looking forward to a new story from you, but NOT at a cost to your health. The recent sad news of losing a friend that we both share makes you step back and take a look at what's really important in life. Take your time and all of us fans of your stories will be here when your ready....Take care please, Linda

Hahn at Home said...

You know I'll have to go review a restaurant for you. Take care of yourself or your favorite west coast lesbian blogger is gonna' have to kick some ass.